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土曜日, 1月 19, 2019
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[ENG 日本語] iYuta Travel#13 フランス人のパーティー Party With French

 I've already shared with you the video on dTube, I was invited to a french party in Warsaw, Poland.dTubeの動画ですでにUpしたんですが、 ワルシャワにてフランスのパーティーに招待されたので行ってきました。I was a house-warming party which was organised...

iYuta Travel #6:ヴァンデ県って何が違う? Vendée Isn’t France??

This is still from my trip to France. Sorry, but I didn't have much time in the trip and when I came back to Poland,...

iYuta Travel #4 : フランスで友達の結婚式へWedding in France フランスで友達の結婚式へ

 A few week back, I went to France. And one of my good friends wedding was happening at the same time. So there isn't no...