This Is MY Story! [ENG]

Hello my dears! My name is Yuta!

After contributing to the YouTube community for some time now,

I finally decided to share my story,

the story which was probably not published anywhere before.

And while it might not be something out of this world, hope you will enjoy this short narrative

Okay, so imagine this,

you were born somewhere in small and secluded community, with it’s traditions, rules, habits and ideas, the life around is not extremely flashy or filled with excitement,


once in a while a typical Japanese “Matsuri” or an event in the local school would bring a brief feeling of everyone being joyful and carefree,

but that’s clearly not enough, you just know from the bottom of your heart .

“That’s not IT !”

You try to explain that to someone,

maybe your closest friend or the teacher you trust,

but people just don’t see it, they don’t have that feel,

they remain blind and deaf towards the questions of the reality we live in.

Everyone is just doing what’s said to be “right”.

And here you are, stuck with just a vague inkling,

no answers and explanations, and all you have, is this notion in your head.

Can it be different ?

Is this truly the life I’m willing to live ?
Do I really enjoy what’s happening around me ?

The “Box” of social conditioning which is being constantly pushed into our minds, was not allowing me to genuinely enjoy the present moment throughout the time of my youth. Probably some of you can relate to a similar situation, ultimately, we are the generation where the view on the world is being relentlessly imposed upon us, not to mention the fact that the behavioural patterns are constantly framed into our minds by all kinds of media.
That is why I left my home country: Japan.


(Yea, wasn’t easy…)
I’ve seen a lot, experienced enough and tried many things, there were countless jobs, schools, crazy adventures and people on my way.
That’s when I left for America, the land of opportunities after graduating high-school.

Dreams didn’t get to become real on their own, and the time to return has come.

Then, I started living in Japan again. And as you may’ve guessed, the life there was still lacking a real thrill.

After being annoyed and exhausted by the existing reality for long enough, a sudden thought to simply escape everything I knew before, glimpsed in my mind. And the choice slipped almost like this

That’s how I ended up in France for nearly 7 years.

Were there awesome moments ?

Of course! !

Were there horrible ones ?

Yup, of course…

People are conditioned to think in a certain way, identity is lost, because authenticity pretty much doesn’t exist among 99% percent of out population.
Funny thing is that when we are not aware of this, maintaining that way of thinking is not an issue, but as soon as a small glimpse on what’s really going on is unveiled, coming back is not even an option anymore.


That’s why I started to feel horrible, without answers again, with countless questions, it felt like the whole universe has been preparing this evil plot against the world.
However, I met many open-minded people, and I quote ”I am so happy that I met them. If they weren’t there for me, I wouldn’t be here today.”

They became my mental mentors, they guided me on my course and open my eyes on things that are not seen by the most of us.

(Well, I’m just telling what happened in my “french” life in a sentence, so obviously, I’m omitting A LOT! There’s so many more things happened, both awesome and terrible.)

Once, you know what people you SHOULD have in your life, you are on the right path.

After all the hurdles on my path, finally I can tell that my journey is not a mindless wander anymore.

For the very first time in my entire life, a little feel of happiness exists in my soul. Maybe it’s because of the place I chose, maybe because of the people around me or maybe it’s something that I haven’t discovered yet.

Knowing that YOU, and no else is deciding on what’s gonna happen next, that the adventure has just begun, that everything is possible is an amazing feeling !

Exploring the numerous possibilities available on the shores of internet, building communities around some astounding ideas and just being, being here, being right now.

Letting go of everything and simply enjoying our beautiful world.

Now, I mostly make a living thanks to all the people who are supporting my journey, but sometimes it isn’t enough so I take occasional jobs to make ends meet.

Consulting small businesses, being a translator and even trying myself as a skiing instructor( This one is actually quite exciting ! )
Soon I will also start my round the world travel adventure, and of course it’s gonna be shared with all of you 🙂

Thank you all for reading this to the end !