[ENG] I Got My Logo And Mascot!

[ENG] I Got My Logo And Mascot!

A Touch Of Magic!


My very first Logo and Mascot are ready!

I am so happy of the quality and the work done by Keiji Matsumoto.
He’s a creator living in Warsaw.

I actually knew him personally.

Keiji Matsumoto?Who Is he?

[Keiji&Aruto Matsumoto Official Site –>]


He is a doctoral course student at The Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at the graphics department.

A truly involved graphic designer, illustrator and performer.

He carries out many activities in Poland.

His art combines the Japanese calligraphy and European art.

He’s on YouTube!

If you like his work, you can contact him on the website.
His brother, “Aruto” is also an artist. A pianist to be precise.

Aruto Matsumoto


A pianist, composer.
Graduated from The Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music.

(With Two Master’s degrees, Piano and Composition)

Holds musically creative activities like arranging, improvising mainly in Poland.


And What Do They Do?


Striving to combine Music and Painting.

So, stand by for more!